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Rescue protocols
alley Forge Native Wildlife Refuge is entirely on private property and is NOT open to the general public. We are not a zoo or animal park and rescued wild animals still in our care are never put on direct public display. We believe that birds or mammals that are to be returned to the wild, must not be exposed to unnecessary human contact, so that they do not become unwary of what unfortunately often remains the greatest danger to them. That’s specifically why we choose to be here, in such a secluded location with few near neighbours.   Consequently, we do NOT allow unauthorized visitors onto our premises, for security reasons and for quarantine control purposes. If you have a rescued wild animal that you might want us to take into care, please contact us to first confirm that we are able to assist. We have very limited resources and simply cannot offer a place here for every possible casualty ... often other rehabilitation facilities may be more suitable for some species, and we can give advice as appropriate. If we should be in a position to help, invariably WE will arrange to come to YOU ... or can meet you at an agreed rendezvous point ... so that triage for each casualty takes place off-site, allowing us to minimize any risk of introducing diseased animals here, and also to allow a valued judgement as to where & how appropriate initial treatment and/or care should occur. Our first priority must always be to safeguard the well-being of those birds & mammals already in our care. Unfortunately, this means that on occasions we may be unable to admit certain casualties, irrespective of all other factors.
If you are unsure whether or not any wild animal needs to be rescued, contact us first for advice before handling.
We are contactable for wildlife advice & support Monday - Friday 0800hrs - 2100hrs.
Valley Forge Wildlife Rescue service may NOT be called upon to relocate unwanted protected wildlife species from your land, home, or business. If we have reason to believe that wildlife laws have been broken, we will report all such incidences to the police and/or appropriate authority.
When & how to contact a vet directly ...