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Equipment routinely carried:

LED-strobe hazard beacons Traffic-warning cones GPS unit Smartphone with OS map app 2-way Radios Flashlights High-visibility utility vests Kevlar-lined gloves Latex gloves
Wire cutters Claw hammer Saw Pliers Screwdrivers/Allen keys Multi-tools Cable ties
Stethoscope Forceps Tweezers Scissors
Sterile bandages Cohesive bandages Absorbent dressings Foam splints Saline solution Multi-cleanse solution Veterinary wound powder QuikClot blood clotting sponges Sterile hydrogel Antiseptic cream Antiseptic wipes Antiseptic hand gel Tissues Towel Heat pads (gel & electric) Emergency blanket
Quick-release Grasper Foam-rim hand nets Bird bags (assorted sizes) Swan bag Folding cardboard bird boxes Transportation cages (various)
lthough wildlife rescue is just a starting point for our operations, we nevertheless are equipped to handle most situations when we encounter a wildlife casualty, or if called out to attend an incident. VFNWR personnel are experienced naturalists not veterinarians, but we are fully competent in determining when to administer immediate first aid & then release on-site, or whether to safely transport the casualty back to Valley Forge NWR for further assessment, treatment & care, or else convey directly to a veterinary surgery/hospital. Our Response/Patrol vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive medical kit, together with the necessary items to safely capture, contain and transport a wide variety of possible wildlife casualties. As an experienced kayakist/canoeist, our Director can also assist with wildlife rescues on lochs or rivers should the need arise, but for safety reasons is unable to operate alone in such situations. Each Responder mobilization is fully risk-assessed, so we may not be able to assist on any operation in which the safety of others may be adversely compromised, or where there is a risk of resultant damage to third-party property.
VFNWR Rescue Patrol vehicle at the Hospital for Small Animals, Royal (Dick) Veterinary School, Roslin, near Edinburgh.
VFNWR personnel are experienced in handling greenfinches to gannets, bats to badgers ... and most things in between.
Rescue capability