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  ocated in south Aberdeenshire, in a glacial outwash valley within foothills of the Grampian Mountains of Scotland, our place of residence and the land surrounding it, has been designated a Native Wildlife Refuge [NWR]. Valley Forge NWR is a private refuge for the rescue & rehabilitation of wildlife, being particularly concerned with aiding, fostering, sheltering & protecting those species of birds & small mammals that live wild in Scotland, but which meantime are not considered a conservation priority, or have yet to be given special protection in law.

Woodland habitat ... 

Our land is bounded on three sides by extensive coniferous

forest and mixed deciduous woods, whilst at the western

boundary lies an area of marsh, wetland meadow and

riparian woodland by the confluence of two streams

(tributaries of the River Dee), beyond which rises

arable farmland.

This special setting has the diversity of natural habitats to support a variety of resident & visiting species; we endeavour to protect them and to entice further new arrivals through the provision of year-round feeding stations and purposely created ponds, wood piles, hedging, shelter zones & nesting sites.   Safety in seclusion ... Moreover, as our location is somewhat secluded and quiet, it is generally well suited as a 'soft-release' environment for those rescued creatures that we can successfully return to the wild ... or otherwise remains as a safe sanctuary for the life-time of those that we can't return.
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Valley Forge NWR  is a wildlife rescue & rehabilitation refuge for wild birds & small mammals of mainly woodland and riparian habitat.
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